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Can you beat sugar addiction by going cold turkey? some sugar detox diets urge people to eliminate everything sweet - including fruit, dairy and all refined grains - to in effect purge your system of sugar.

Diet changes like this are too drastic to be realistic. The fact is if you attempt something that is not sustainable  - that you can only do it for the short-term - you ultimately go back to your old habits.

How Can Hypnosis Help Stop Sugar Addiction?

Put simply, hypnosis can help you automatically override the desire for sugary foods and make it easier for you to simply be more aware of keeping a healthy diet. This happens under trance through direct suggestions and metaphors to instigate new patterns at the deepest level towards what foods you eat.

These new patterns become embedded at a subconscious level through hypnotherapy, therefore making the changes fast and easy.

Sugar intake actually releases dopamine into the brain causing feelings of heightened wellbeing. It also builds up a physical dependency in your body. This is the physical part of the addiction. Then there are the routines that we all create to satisfy these urges like those 3 cups of coffee with sugar in the morning, or a sweet for morning tea, or the many soft drinks throughout the day etc.


Before your first hypnosis session with me I will ask about all your own unique routines and issues so I can customise your session exactly to your needs. Doing this I will be able to use hypnosis to override the exact causes and responses of your issues by creating new routines and awareness. This is very effective and you will notice results often straight away.

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