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In a nutshell, it is therapy under hypnosis.

Within the subconscious mind resides our imagination, emotions, memories, our automatic body responses, habit patterns, and our most deeply held beliefs about ourselves and what we believe is possible for us.

It is these deeply held patterns and beliefs that drive our decisions and shape our lives and the quality of our perceptions. When we desire to make a lasting, positive change in our lives, it is these subconscious patterns and beliefs that we must change.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, proven, and effective tool for directly accessing the power or the subconscious mind.

Modern hypnotherapy is a collaborative effort whereby the client and hypnotherapist interact and work together, via the pleasant and naturally occurring phenomena we have labeled ‘trance’ (the same state that everyone experiences while reading, watching a movie, listening to music etc.) to bring about the positive changes that the client has identified as desirable, and to achieve lasting improvement in the quality of the client’s life.


Subconscious Mind

We only have indirect control. It remembers everything, every thought, feeling, conversation, sound, experience and interaction. It is the vault where all our memories are stored.

The subconscious is where every belief, value, behaviour, a persons’ sense of identity and morality, every memory experienced the way it was perceived at the time is stored. It also initiates activities towards a goal. The autonomic nervous system is part of the subconscious as it is believed that every part of the body contains memories and patterns.

It is aware of memories etc that are not accessible to the conscious mind as they may be undesirable and have a detrimental effect on the individual. It also acts to protect the conscious mind and the individual as a whole in terms of well being and survival.

Under hypnosis, obstacles and limitations created by the conscious mind are easily bypassed, and access to the subconscious mind is achieved. The subconscious mind is not as rigid, analytical or limited as the conscious mind. If a suggestion is accepted by the subconscious it becomes a part of one’s life.

The Conscious Mind

We have direct control over the conscious mind and it is our ‘current’ awareness. It is what we are focusing on at any given point in time and the subconscious is basically everything else.

The conscious mind has a narrow focus of awareness which can be directed on whatever we think is currently important.

The conscious mind can only process approximately seven chunks of information at any one time while the subconscious has literally an infinite capacity to process information.

If the conscious mind did not have a ‘filter’ and had to process all chunks of information coming in, it would be overwhelmed and be ineffective.


       WHAT IS NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) explores the relationships between how we think (neuro) and how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programming).

NLP is a powerful technique that allows individuals to overcome ‘stuckness’ or mental obstacles such as depression, anxiety and phobias, by re-training the brain to think and communicate more positively and effectively.

NLP is one of the most powerful skills used in business management, psychology, sales, sports coaching and all forms of personal development.

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