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Excited about my weight loss

"I lost 5.5 kg by the end of my 4 weekly VGB sessions with Christine. It was the easiest way for me to lose weight and I felt in control again of my eating. I found that this program helped me with letting go of foods that had no nutritional value but more emotional comfort. I felt very at ease with Christine and I felt that she  listened to me and found her to be genuinely interested and supportive of my weight loss journey. This program has changed my old habits of eating to newer healthy habits.

Thank you, Christine!"



Preston 3072

Weight loss and more

"I initially started working with Christine for weight loss which worked however the hypnosis sessions were also helpful for building my self esteem and resilience after a difficult time."


Trip of a life time


"Christine worked on my Self-esteem and confidence and if it wasn’t for Christine I would not have been able to embark on one of my greatest challenges in my entire life…. a self-guided solo trek in Europe.  Her treatment allowed me to travel alone with confidence and ease which would not have been possible in the past.  It also assisted with every day challenges that otherwise would have been dealt with anxiety and trepidation. During the course of my hypnotherapy treatment, I always felt completely safe and comfortable with Christine…a true professional who is totally committed to the well-being of her clients. 


I highly recommend Christine 

Once again, thank you!"





"This was my first time trying hypnosis and I felt safe and comfortable every session. Christine is very knowledgeable and understanding. Thanks again. 


I highly recommend Christine 

Once again, thank you!"





"Christine is amazing and conducts her sessions in a comfortable and relaxed manner. She explained the process clearly and encouraged me to ask questions which I really liked. She's professional, non-judgemental and had a natural ability to put me at ease. Admittedly I was a little sceptical about trying hypnotherapy however after putting my trust in Christine I would advocate it to anyone who struggles with weight management.


Thank you Christine!"

Luisa R

Hated my nails for many years


"I sought hypnotherapy from Christine last year to help me cease a very long term habit... nail biting. I found Christine to be patient, professional and easy to relate to. Her  methods were  varied and easy to recall. They have been instrumental in me managing /quitting this ancient habit of mine!! I am happy to recommend Christine


Judy M

Flying fear


"I decided to give hypnotherapy a go to help control my anxiety and fear of flying as i was about to embank an overseas trip. I am so glad I did! Christine is amazing, she has helped me take control of my fear and really helped relax my mind. I found my sessions with Christine to be really grounding and therapeutic. Christine is very professional and gentle and I would highly recommend her".


Thanks Christine

Amy x

Confidence is back 


"Cannot recommend Christine enough. I’ve been struggling with self esteem my whole life and felt the sessions with her made a huge difference.


I have so much more confidence in myself now. Christine was really caring, warm and supportive and I never felt judged or uncomfortable during our sessions.


Thank you so much Christine!"




"Christine is patient, kind, honest, gentle and firm. Good qualities in someone you want to make changes with. I felt reset and very calm after each session.


Highly recommend".

Anita A



For many years, perhaps all my life I have been a procrastinator. Always making excuses. Thanks to Christine I now get things done without even thinking about it. Can't tell you how much this has changed my personal and professional life. 

I felt comfortable with Christine from the first phone call I had with her to discuss my issues.

Thank you so much

Brad B


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