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The weight is over!

I offer two weight management programs both offering hypnosis with other therapeutic tools to help you to make long term changes about how you relate to food and how you can have a healthy sustainable lifestyle balance. The most popular is the Virtual Gastric Band program

Both programs consists of hypnosis to help you identify how to eat so that you fully enjoy your food, you eat appropriate portions and you don’t binge to manage your emotions.

Therapeutic tools to take control of your eating habits

The other therapeutic tools will help you deal with binge eating, being triggered to eat when you are not really hungry but eating to manage feelings or to satisfy a feeling of boredom. I will teach you techniques to raise your awareness of your current eating patterns and also effective techniques to regain control of the negative eating that you are experiencing.

Maybe you have been a serial dieter or have family and/or friends who are continually trying to lose weight and keep it off. This is a life long struggle for many while for others they seem to stay slender effortlessly.

Call me and we can discuss your challenges and develop a customised hypnotherapy program so you can overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

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